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Freelance film critic, broadcaster and writer based in Los Angeles.


Review: ‘Battle of the Sexes’ Benefits From Winning Lead Performances

Dominic CorryReviews | 27 Sep

A breezy, funny film about serious subject matter, Battle of the Sexes benefits from some winning lead performances and the admirably light touch of co-directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine). This was always going to be about more than just the actual tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, but […]

David ‘The Wire’ Simon on New Pornography Drama ‘The Deuce’

Dominic CorryFeatures | 06 Sep

Journalist-turned-TV producer/writer David Simon is a legend thanks to his seminal five-season drama The Wire. He’s been very busy since that show ended with the likes of Generation Kill, Treme and Show Me A Hero, but his new series The Deuce, with its multi-pronged look at prostitution, pornography and crime in 1971 New York, feels […]

“It just poured out of us.” Star & Writer Kyle Mooney on ‘Brigsby Bear’

Dominic CorryFeatures | 21 Jul

An imaginative ode to obsessive fandom and the creative joys it can inspire, Brigsby Bear is a hilarious and affecting new American indie that is sure to become an instant cult classic. And it’s screening throughout this year’s International Film Festival. Current Saturday Night Live star Kyle Mooney (Zoolander 2) co-wrote and stars as a […]

Interview: The Inimitable David Lynch on new ‘Twin Peaks’

Dominic CorryFeatures | 22 May

Asking David Lynch questions is a lot like staring into an abyss. Although Lynch is considerably more verbose than your average abyss, the answers he provides are invariably not the ones that were sought or expected, yet they tend to exist on a more casually profound level than the questions. Dominic Corry got the chance […]

Review: ‘Snatched’ is Reminiscent of Forgotten ’80s Comedies

Dominic CorryReviews | 17 May

This light mother/daughter action comedy, arriving just in time to miss Mother’s Day, is rendered palatable by the charm of its two leads, but fails to justify itself as anything beyond a generic platform for their talents. Amy Schumer is in full command of her comedic voice, and she makes the most out of a […]

Review: Nostalgia Overshadows Storytelling in ‘Rules Don’t Apply’

Dominic CorryReviews | 26 Apr

Warren Beatty’s first directorial project since 1998’s underrated and subsequently re-assessed Bulworth is a strangely inconsequential affair that functions nicely as a nostalgic trip to old Hollywood. Unfortunately it fails to really spark as either the romantic comedy it appears to have been conceived as, or as an insight into the later life of real-life […]

Review: ‘A Cure for Wellness’ Offers a Heaping Pile of Horror Insanity

Dominic CorryReviews | 15 Mar

In struggling to come up with the best way to describe Gore Verbinski’s bold new gothic horror, the term I kept returning to was “glorious mess”. There is a whole heaping pile of baroque horror insanity to enjoy here, especially if you’re a fan of Verbinski’s particular sense of visual lushness, but there’s no denying […]

Review: All Hail ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Dominic CorryReviews | 09 Mar

A surfeit of cool ideas propels this grand adventure forward, even if they don’t ever all quite gel into something with a larger point. But movies about giant monsters don’t live or die on “larger points” and Kong: Skull Island remains a consistently entertaining hoot throughout. The first cool idea is the Vietnam-era setting. A […]

Review: ‘Rings’ Dooms Itself

Dominic CorryReviews | 23 Feb

Gore Verbinski’s 2002 remake of the J-horror hit The Ring is one of the best American horror films ever made. Hideo Nakata, who directed the Japanese original, helmed the 2005 follow-up The Ring Two, which was so bad it killed the English-language version of the franchise then and there. This late-arriving sequel/reboot is a lot […]

The Long Road to ‘Silence’

Dominic CorryFeatures | 14 Feb

I first heard about Martin Scorsese’s Silence ten years ago, when Saw director James Wan was discussing the follow-up to his iconically gruesome debut. Titled Dead Silence, Wan explained that he and co-writer Leigh Whannell had planned on calling the new ventriliquism horror ‘Silence’, but couldn’t, because Scorsese already owned that title for a film […]

Interview: Danny McBride and Walton Goggins Talk ‘Vice Principals’

Dominic CorryFeatures | 18 Jan

Danny McBride ensured himself a place in television history with his timeless portrayal of egotistical blowhard Kenny Powers in Eastbound & Down, the beloved 2009-13 series that McBride also co-created and co-wrote. Not content to make his mark with just one ground-breaking comedy, McBride has come back hard with a follow-up series that is in […]

Review: ‘La La Land’ is a Delirious Ode to Romance in All Its Meanings

Dominic CorryReviews | 22 Dec

About halfway through Damien Chazelle’s quietly transcendent La La Land, aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) is reassuring a mildly dejected Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) about his unlikely dream of opening a jazz club in a world that doesn’t care about jazz. The reason the club will be a success, asserts Mia, is because Sebastian himself is […]

Review: ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ is For Franchise Completists Only

Dominic CorryReviews | 01 Dec

Although this is the fifth Underworld film, it’s Kate Beckinsale’s fourth time playing leather-clad vampire death dealer Selene, as she skipped the third one, which was shot in New Zealand. Her presence here highlights how she is the best thing about the franchise, even though it forces her to wear a perpetually sullen face. Considering her amazing […]

Dominic Corry Talks Life, Love, & the Apocalypse with the Leads of ‘No Tomorrow’

Dominic CorryFeatures | 21 Nov

NEON’s new romantic comedy No Tomorrow is founded on a premise that takes the term ‘high-concept’ to new, er, heights. It concerns an attractive young couple, Xavier (English actor Joshua Sasse, Galavant) and Evie (Canadian actor Tori Anderson), who are navigating their way through a burgeoning relationship in picturesque San Francisco. Factory manager Evie is […]