Matt Glasby


Matt is a UK entertainment journalist whose credits include Total Film, Little White Lies, Digital Spy, GQ and Q.


Review: ‘A Ghost Story’ Falls Someway Short

Matt GlasbyReviews | 29 Sep

One of the – many – things that marks David Lowery’s A Ghost Story out from the pack is that it centres on a songwriter (Casey Affleck) who’s actually pretty good. The composition he plays halfway through the film is, in fact, Dark Rooms’ I Get Overwhelmed, a work of anxious, soaring beauty. Shame the […]

Review: ‘Lady Macbeth’ Plays Out Like a Victorian ‘Handmaid’s Tale’

Matt GlasbyReviews | 26 Sep

Adapted from the 1865 novella by Russian author Nikolai Leskov, but transplanted to the UK’s bleak Northumberland moors, William Oldroyd’s debut plays out like a Victorian Handmaid’s Tale. The first scene shows young Katherine (Florence Pugh) married off to local landowner Alexander (Paul Hilton), her face completely wrapped in a wedding veil that looks more […]

Review: ‘Adult Life Skills’ Quietly Impresses with Wonky Charm

Matt GlasbyReviews | 01 Jun

Steeped in the sort of whimsy that makes a certain strain of American indie cinema films so distinctive/unwatchable, depending on your POV, British writer/director Rachel Tunnard’s modest debut is quietly impressive, winning best supporting actor and best debut screenwriter at the British Independent Film Awards. Anna (Jodie Whitaker from Attack The Block) is nearly 30 – […]