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Loading Docs 2017: 3min Kiwi Films About Diversity

Loading Docs, a mighty springboard for short New Zealand documentaries, recently released 10 new films for 2017 revolving around the theme of ‘diversity’. Check out the collection below. He Kākano Ahau – From The Spaces In Between Learn what it means to be a takatāpui (Māori LGBTQI) activist in this film from director Kathleen Winter, [...] Full article

Review: ‘God’s Own Country’ is an Intensely Romantic Experience

Some of the greatest romance stories show how one person’s love can fuel another’s drive for self-improvement. This is the pinpoint focus of God’s Own Country, the feature debut of actor-turned-filmmaker Francis Lee. For anyone who can remember their young heart being soothed and captured for the first time, it is as intense as that [...] Full article

On VOD/DVD August: ‘Girl on the Train’, ‘Queen of Katwe’, ‘Get Out’ & more

Winter is leaving, but its last month holds a bunch of good stuff for the small screen including a unique Jake Gyllenhaal drama, a real-life investigative thriller, Adam Wingard’s Netflix exclusive, Ben Wheatley’s one-location gunfight comedy, and heaps more. NOTE: We recently updated our Netflix section after posting incorrect releases. We are deeply ashamed of [...] Full article

Review: ‘The Beguiled’ is Engaging & Dryly Funny

Sofia Coppola’s Civil War drama sees an injured Union soldier played by Colin Farrell at the mercy of Nicole Kidman and the inhabitants of her boarding school. It’s fertile ground for a modern-minded bodice-ripper, and the psychological dance between Farrell and the various women (and girls), is quietly thrilling. The Beguiled is Coppola’s most accessible [...] Full article

Review: ‘T2 3D: Judgment Day’ is a Blessing & a Gift

The greatest action movie of the ’90s returns to cinemas and I am a very happy man. It’s a blessing and a gift to experience James Cameron’s masterpiece on the big screen once more, with a fresh paint job that modernises a classic without removing one iota of charm. Time has been kind to the [...] Full article