28 Days

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The life of the party, before she got a life.

Comedy about a party-loving New York newspaper columnist who must complete 28 days of rehab after ruining her sister's wedding, starring Sandra Bullock (The Heat, The Blind Side). Co-stars Dominic West, Steve Buscemi and Viggo Mortensen.

Party girl Gwen (Sandra Bullock) knows how to have a good time. Unfortunately for her family, she doesn't know when to stop. When Gwen ruins her sisters wedding and crashes a limousine into a house, she is forced to undergo 28 days in rehab or face a prison sentence. After initially resenting the rules of the rehabilitation facility, Gwen comes to terms with the fact that her party lifestyle may be masking deeper issues, and that fun-loving boyfriend Jasper (West) is enabling her unhealthy lifestyle.


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Comedy, Romance


Rating: M Low level offensive language.


Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


Bullock brings a kind of ground-level vulnerability to "28 Days" that doesn't make her into a victim but simply into one more suitable case for treatment.