3 Women

Shelley Duvall (The Shining), Sissy Spacek (Carrie) and Janice Rule (The Swimmer) lead Robert Altman's late-'70s psychological drama as a trio who come to a crossroads at a Southern California desert community.

"In a dusty, underpopulated California resort town, a naive southern waif, Pinky Rose (Spacek), idolises and befriends her fellow nurse, the would-be sophisticate and “thoroughly modern” Millie Lammoreaux (Duvall). When Millie takes Pinky in as her roommate, Pinky’s hero worship evolves into something far stranger and more sinister than either could have anticipated. Featuring brilliant performances from Spacek and Duvall, this dreamlike masterpiece from Altman careens from the humorous to the chilling to the surreal, resulting in one of the most unusual and compelling films of the 1970s." (Criterion Collection)


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Drama, Classic


Rating: R16


New York Times


Like a dream, it is most mysterious and allusive when it appears to be most precise and direct...

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


I have seen it many times, been through it twice in shot-by-shot analysis, and yet it always seems to be happening as I watch it. Recurring dreams are like that.

Time Out London


One of Altman's most enigmatic and personal films... Often very funny, always stylish, it's a fascinating film for all its faults.

Variety (USA)


Absorbing moody and often compelling story about psychological dependence and transference.