A Thousand Times Good Night

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She risked life and family, to change the world.

Follows the risky exploits of driven war photojournalist Rebecca (Juliette Binoche) and her choice between family and career. While photographing suicide bombers she is badly hurt and returns home to Norway. There, her husband (Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and daughter have grown frustrated with the danger inherent in Rebecca's assignments. She is given an ultimatum: choose between combat zones and her family.

Director Erik Poppe draws on his own experience as a war photographer. U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. draws on his own experience - as a guy who's been in heaps of music videos - in a supporting role.


Directed by

Drama, War


Rating: M

English and Norwegian with English subtitles

Norway, Ireland, Sweden

At The Movies (Australia)


When we see photos or film footage taken at great risk on the front line we rarely stop to think of the price paid by the photographer; this film rectifies that.

Film Ink (Australia)


It's a rich, fascinating and provocative film that never takes sides or opts for easy answers.

New York Times


What makes this more than a dramatic essay on wartime journalism is Ms. Binoche's wrenchingly honest portrayal.

Dissolve (USA)


When Poppe is filming the things he cares about-war, domestic battles, or even the planes of Juliette Binoche's face-1,000 Times Good Night is exquisite.

Hollywood Reporter


An affecting drama made more poignant by honest-feeling autobiographical elements.

Variety (USA)


Deftly sidestepping both melodrama and family-values messaging, Poppe imbues the film with enormous emotional resonance, brilliantly grounded by his leading lady.

Guardian (UK)


Although the ideas and performances are strong, the drama itself feels oddly disjointed ...

Empire (UK)


A compelling, if well worn , topic - work/life balance - is brought vividly to life by a great Binoche performance.