Angel Has Fallen

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The hero becomes the fugitive.

Gerard Butler returns to the Has Fallen series, this time framed for the attempted assassination of the President (Morgan Freeman). On the run, he must evade the FBI as well as his own agency as he tries to uncover the real threat.

TimeOut (London)


It's frenetic, brashly executed and so full of shooting, you'll stagger away with tinnitus.

New York Times


"The Fugitive," to which "Angel" owes perhaps even its rooftop finale, is a template against which this movie inevitably falls short. (Graeme Tuckett)


This is mostly just a tired, lazy, unambitious and only ever unintentionally funny plod through the cliches.

Sydney Morning Herald


[Nick Nolte] can still summon up the enthusiasm to pump some much needed pep into the dialogue. Butler, who's also looking very tired, perks up considerably once they begin to banter.

Total Film (UK)


Maudlin, glum and distinctly cheap-looking, Angel brings the curtain down on a trilogy that should have never got this far.

Empire (UK)


A big, lumbering bastard of an action movie sequel. It achieves more-or-less exactly what it promises - which, given this franchise's track record, is a low bar to clear.

Variety (USA)


As staged by director Ric Roman Waugh, the film's hand-to-hand combat is so routine it's deadening - and, for that matter, so is its assault-rifle-to-assault-rifle combat.

The Guardian


As with many of [Butler's] recent projects, it's been compiled with minimal quality control, insistently cancelling out its better ideas with turns for the derivative.