Annabelle Comes Home

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Possess them all.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson star in the third film in the supernatural horror franchise. Writer Gary Dauberman makes his directing debut.

To stop Annabelle from causing more chaos, demonologists Ed (Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Farmiga) place her behind sacred glass in a room in their home that is full of locked artifacts. But when Annabelle eventually awakens, she also awakens the other evil spirits in the room - all of them now setting their sights on the Warrens' young daughter Judy (Mckenna Grace, I, Tonya) and her friends.

FilmInk (Australia)


...low stakes, death-free, goreless, giggly thrills, full of goofy jump scares, wide-eyed teenagers and CGI ghosties...

TimeOut (New York)


Why unearth Milton Bradley's forgotten 1967 board game Feeley Meeley - in which you reach into a box and grab... who knows what? - and not take it to the icky place it needs to go? The film is filled with these kinds of missed opportunities.

New York Times


Excepting Katie Sarife, whose subtly shaded performance as the wildly incautious friend augurs a fine career in tough-yet-tender roles, "Annabelle Comes Home" feels stretched and tired.

Screen International


"Annabelle Comes Home" has effective scare sequences, especially as the film ratchets up the tension in its final reels, but this sequel ultimately feels too mechanical, and too familiar, to unnerve as proficiently as previous entries.

The Guardian


Ultimately, the scariest thing about Annabelle Comes Home is that despite its utter emptiness, more sequels, prequels and spin-offs will follow regardless.

Hollywood Reporter


The thrills and shocks gradually become repetitive, as the writer-director recycles his own material, forcing the girls to evade the same threats again and again.

Variety (USA)


That fixed grin of hers promises a great deal of mischief, and "Annabelle Comes Home," in its almost completely haphazard and what-the-hell-let's-go-to-hell way, delivers it.

NZ Herald (Francesca Rudkin)


If you enjoy the genre, and a yelp, this certainly delivers. (Graeme Tuckett)


I like a film that knows what it was put here to do – and does it in a way that respects and rewards its intended audience. Annabelle Comes Home achieves all that – and more.




The original Annabelle released in 2014 had good reviews at the time. It had suspense and several scary moments. Given I'm a lover of horror movies I decided to give "Annabelle Comes Home" a burst. Acknowledging the fact that people's opinions will differ in terms of what is scary, includes suspense etc., just my opinion here, but I found the movie slow and utterly boring.

Annabelle Comes Home (Official Review)

Annabelle Comes Home was a Movie i went to see twice, and to me, for the first time I saw this movie, I thought it was actually going to be scary. Seeming as the classification label, I knew it wasn’t going to be over the top terrifying. The second time I saw it was with a friend, because I wanted to see their reaction to it. Movies like these it’s that I hate. There’s no twist at all, the jump scares were extremely blunt and it was just plain boring. Although there were some scenes that really caught my attention. Annabelle Comes Home was a complete cash grab and completely ruins the whole franchise. It was an extremely slow movie.

But it is a fun movie for teenagers to go and see in the cinema on a fun night out.