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terry your wrong!!!

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terry that's sooooo not fair alien was the shiz sigourney weaver is the shiz and avatar waas the shiz.


i will sue you!!! and i mean it, i love sigourney weaver's acting and quite frankly it's just sad that you dissed her!!! i am soo upset i'm crying right now.

i am sooo disapointed youd put her down like that

i'm soo ashamed of you!!!

let me just point out i'm 12 years old, look what youve done, now i will be depressed for life, but hay guess what there is a sigourney weaver film coming out and i will be seeing it if you like it then you will side with me and i wont put this sort of stuff on da web but if you go and diss her and tell me she's not da shiz i will SUE YOU go hide under a rock if you disagree thx for letting me have my oppinion said flicks.co.nz your da shiz quite frankly terry f.y.i you AIN'T from a diss apointed shiz loving sigourneyweaver fan who aint a fan of yours terry xx