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Avengers do it again

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Avengers: Age of Ultronisout now (On-Demand, DVD or Blu-Ray).

I am not a technie person and knowing the makeup and logic of this movie mean't that I had to really settle in and grab the storyline and plot early before everything went past in a blur. I need not have worried as the opening began nice and slowly.

Was a great movie with lots of humour, both light and dark and just really funny. It was obvious that Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim Hiddlestone was missing, but this movie was more down to earth. The rural setting turned these Super Heroes temporarily into country bumpkins all thanks to Hawkeye. Good to see Samuel L Jackson back again. They work well together this team.

Great script especially for Ultron, many merry moments with this robot especially when he gets to see his new selfie.

"You are so naive"

"I was born yesterday" then boom