Back to the Future

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Marty McFly just broke the time barrier. He's only got one week to get it fixed.

The brilliant first chapter of Robert Zemeckis' peerless Back to the Future trilogy. Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is blasted to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine invented by Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). There he bumps into his young mum (Lea Thompson) and dad (Crispin Glover) and finds himself mixed up in a time-shattering chain reaction that could destroy his own future and leave him trapped in the past.



Winner of the Best Effects Oscar at the 1986 Academy Awards.

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Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction


Rating: PG contains violence


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Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


Shows not only a fine comic touch but also some of the lighthearted humanism of a Frank Capra.

Empire (UK)


To put it bluntly: if you don't like Back To The Future, it's difficult to believe that you like films at all.

Guardian (UK)


Handled with easy wit and flair, like a Shakespearian disguise comedy, and it made a whopping star of Fox.

New York Times


Zemeckis is able both to keep the story moving and to keep it from going too far. He handles Back to the Future with the kind of inventiveness that indicates he will be spinning funny, whimsical tall tales for a long time to come.

Total Film (UK)


Pitch-perfect scripting, pacing and performances conclusively prove it don’t take money to make a blockbuster for the ages.

Variety (USA)


Performances by the earnest Fox, the lunatic Lloyd, the deceptively passionate Lea Thompson, and, particularly, the bumbling-to-confident Glover, who runs away with the picture, merrily keep the ship sailing.

Back to the past

Michael J. Fox in his hey day dam good actor and funny with it this movie will be one of those timeless classics that when older will show our grandchildren who will also love this wonderfully told story




Great fun!

Very enjoyable film