Bad Santa 2

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Wilder, drunker, badder.

Foul-mouthed alcoholic mall-Santa Billy Bob Thornton returns after Terry Zwigoff's hilarious 2003 black comedy. This sequel has long been in the works, originally with director Steve Pink (Hot Tub Time Machine) attached. Production finally began in 2016 with Mark Waters (Mean Girls) in the director's chair. The Coen brothers, who did final rewrites of the 2003 script (but were uncredited), are not involved.


Aaron Yap


No, the first Bad Santa wasn’t a great work of art. But it took a single joke — the worst Santa ever — and made something agreeably twisted out of it. For any curmudgeons who would prefer a lump of coal in their stocking than to participate in heartwarming festive cheer, Billy Bob Thornton’s memorably cranky performance as Willie Soke, a sexist, alcoholic, thieving misanthrope, was the ideal whiskey-soaked respite.

This sequel, arriving like a grubby gift no wanted some thirteen years later, repeats the same schtick all over again, but ups the ante in political incorrectness to a degree that’s frighteningly dull. Bad Santa 2 can’t help but feel exhausted, coming after a whole generation of Bad Teachers, Bad Moms, Dirty Grandpas, and other garden-variety Todd Phillips/Judd Apatow gross-out joints. From the endless stream of profanities to the now-standard end credits “shocking photo roll” gag, the film is awfully desperate in its desire to make us gasp.

Bad Kathy Bates is occasionally fun, however. As Willie’s butch, tatted-up long-lost mother Sunny, she’s a welcome snarling ball of villainy who’s somehow even more monstrous than him. But there’s a limit to how much the writers can wrest out of her character. When you get to the point where Bates is taking a shit while watching The Bachelor, the novelty’s worn off. Overlong, and criminally unfunny, Bad Santa 2’s mix of lazily-written caper antics, T&A-ogling sleaze and unearned, third-act redemption arcs is only offensive in its mediocrity.

Hollywood Reporter


For those who've endured the long gap between Bad Santa movies like kids eagerly anticipating Christmas, this sequel brings it on like Saint Nick's overstuffed bag of goodies, with plenty to entertain (and offend) everyone.

Variety (USA)


A weary, half-hearted affair that doesn't even have the courage of its own nihilism.



The fact that these gags and one-liners are meant to offend isn't even half as criminal as the fact that the humour in 'Bad Santa 2' is repetitious, poorly timed, and devoid of any real feeling.

Entertainment Weekly


As long as you know what you’re in for, the film is a hilarious good time, a respectable continuation of what made the first Bad Santa so fun.

New York Times


While Ms. Bates can be a nimble scene stealer, decking her out in tattoos and punk jewelry is not enough to spark an uninspired script.

Empire (UK)


A photocopy of a photocopy, this could perhaps be the nadir of the wave of decade-too-late comedy sequels. Only Thornton completists, and hopeless nostalgists, need apply.

The Guardian (UK)


Waters wrings occasional snickers from a patchy script, but the whole feels tamely conventional: misanthropy passed through the usual Hollywood motions.

TimeOut (USA)


Bad Santa 2 has to make do with director Mark Waters (Mean Girls), who is both more sentimental and more accepting of broad, panicky comedy. (Graeme Tuckett)


Compared to pretty much every other film that has tried to make a buck out of being gross and not much else in the last decade, Bad Santa 2 is better than most.

Expectation Failed

I loved the 1st one - still Love the first one but the storyline was all over the show. I actually got bored with this one. Sorry

Crude with the odd laugh

You have to be prepared for a range of un-PC jokes

2 hours of my life down the loo

OMG what can I say, dreadful. Now if it was crass and funny I would have laughed, but this was just so bad I actually felt bad for these once respected actors. Admittedly never saw the first film but I can imagine it was more of the same only slightly funnier as someone with clout thought it deserved a sequel over a decade later. Billy how far you have fallen, but at least it paid the bills.

No more Bad Santa please

Why oh why did they try to show a sympathetic side to Bad Santa? It undoes the whole Bad Santa is an asshole joke. A seriously lame story, majorly wasted talent, but ... a couple of good gross out oneliners, but there was too much of it and the "isn't it funny that we keep saying fuck" gag wore think very quickly. Not worth the price of a cinema ticket.

Not Bad

I really love the original humour in this! they used only a few of the old jokes which was good. I think the story line was a bit boring, however the humour made up for it. The cast was really good, Cathy Bates is so funny!. If you have a sick sense of humour and can take a joke, its the movie for you!


So bad. Actually the worst thing I've seen at the cinema. Ever.




This review is based on the 25mins that I spent in the theatre

watching this abomination, so it's very short.

You get my drift.

Not as good as the 1st

A weak variation on the 1st movie which relies on crude humour that most people will find distasteful. However, as always, Billy Bob put in a good performance as disillusioned, down-on-his-luck drunkard. Not a lot of thought went into the "story"

Billy Bob and Team does it again

This was hilarious, with a hint of drama and lots of off the cuff instances. maybe not for all but if you have an open mind and are ready to laugh at smuuty humour you will love this movie. best laugh I have had in ages.

Hilarious but obviously not for everyone

Pretty much, if you liked Bad Santa you will enjoy the sequel. The story is enjoyable if pretty standard, but the jokes are on top form, absolutely disgusting and trashy! I consider myself into this kind of humour and certain jokes certainly pushed the envelope for what is socially acceptable. It has a bit of cult following and I don't see any fans of the first movie being disappointed.