Bangkok Dangerous

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A remake of a 1999 Thai film that told the story of a deaf-mute hitman in Bangkok. The central character has been changed for the 2008 update, director Oxide Pang Chun explains the reasons: "We'd like to keep him the same, but we understand that from a marketing point of view Nic [Cage] needs to have some lines. So what we’re going to do is transform his girlfriend instead into a deaf-mute. This switch will maintain the drama of communication between the two main characters."


Written by

  • Jason Richman
  • (based on the 1999 screenplay by Oxide Pang Chun & Danny Pang)

Action, Drama, Thriller


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Bangkok Dangerous


Bangkok Dangerous

Slow movie with some action too keep you watching. Nic Cage is doing some poor movies at present.