Coming to Cinemas 29 March 2018

Teens out to have fun. Parents out to stop it.

Three parents try to stop their teen daughters from having sex on prom night in this comedy starring Leslie Mann, John Cena and Ike Barinholtz (Bad Neighbours).

Variety (USA)


Blockers isn’t really about these girls losing their virginity. It’s about how they seize control of their destinies, one triumphantly lewd zinger at a time.

Hollywood Reporter


It plays to the strengths of its performers, from screen novices to the comic vet of the cast, Leslie Mann, who may never have had this good a showcase.

Guardian (UK)


Despite an element of gross bodily fluid-laden gags, Blockers manages to be heartfelt and endearing – even if the film’s message is sometimes heavy handed.

Vanity Fair


A film that reflects a much more contemporary, sex-positive experience - and one that lets everyone laugh, in grand gross-out humour fashion, at the same time.