Blood Ties

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Crime-thriller about a man released from prison (Clive Owen) following a serious offense. He is reluctantly greeted by his police officer brother (Billy Crudup). On either side of the law, they face off over organised crime in 70s New York.


Directed by

Written by

Drama, Thriller

Rating: R16

English, Italian & Spanish

France, USA

Guardian (UK)


A cunningly chosen soundtrack featuring the likes of Ace Frehley, Al Wilson and the Isley Brothers attempts to paper over the cracks withcool, but it's not convincing.

Time Out London


If you hear an unearthly sound during Blood Ties, it might be Sidney Lumet's ghost attempting to contact his lawyer.

Empire (UK)


Canet, who showed his aptitude with the gripping Tell No One, can't bring this dull period piece to life.

New York Times


Laborious, tonally wobbly attempt at an American crime epic.

Variety (USA)


A sluggish, dramatically undernourished saga.

Hollywood Reporter


This overlong and anemic drama features an impressive cast but is too inert to catch on with critics or audiences.