Breathe In

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Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce star in writer/director Drake Doremus' follow-up to 2011 romance, Like Crazy. Keith (Pearce) is a music teacher - living comfortably with his wife and family in a small upstate New York town - who longs for the creativity of his bohemian youth. Enter pert British exchange student Sophie (Jones), who comes to stay with his daughter. Sophie's coy beauty and musical brilliance tempts Keith, and a taboo relationship unfolds.

Guardian (UK)


A very controlled, well-executed picture in which the flash of passion never quite arrives.

Time Out London


What swings it are irresistible performances from Felicity Jones and Guy Pearce.

Empire (UK)


Delicate in its portrayal of a shifting family dynamic, this is another film to mark Doremus out as a talent to watch.

Total Film (UK)


It may not sound much, but it's a rare drama confident enough to offer a portrait of normality, then let things elegantly unravel.

Variety (USA)


While the plot - too low-key to be called a thriller - points toward obvious extramarital cliches, delicate changes in the overall mood reveal deeper truths likely to resonate with middle-aged arthouse patrons.

Hollywood Reporter


Doremus confirms his knack for pinpointing subtle emotional tremors on fragile personal landscapes.