Brimstone & Glory

Coming to Cinemas 25 October 2018

The ritual, danger and the beauty of fireworks is on display here in this award-winning documentary that captures a Mexican city's annual pyrotechnic festival.

"Tultepec is what you might call an “explosive” Mexican city — over two-thirds of its residents manufacture fireworks. Each year, the town’s inhabitants cautiously begin the dangerous work of crafting handmade fireworks for the annual National Pyrotechnic Festival that attracts thousands of spectators ... Director Viktor Jakovleski uses GoPros and a flying drone that soar high above, abstracting and widening the vista of the festival and taking viewers on a magical cinematic journey through the sparks and flames that ignite the night skies." (Hot Docs Festival)


Directed by

Documentary, World Cinema, Festival & Independent


Rating: PG Some scenes may disturb

Spanish with English subtitles

Mexico, USA

Hollywood Reporter


Viktor Jakovleski's sometimes rapturous Brimstone & Glory takes us to Tultepec for two annual rituals that celebrate this livelihood, reveling in their spectacle and observing the days leading up to them.

Los Angeles Times


"Brimstone" is less successful as it edges toward an impressionistic immersion into fire and fiesta, but as you-are-there experiences go, it has energy to burn.

New York Times


The film ... has a wandering attention span and grows monotonous even at barely more than one hour.

Variety (USA)


Mixing sheer spectacle with modest but pleasing human-interest threads, Viktor Jakovleski's first directorial feature is a poetical, entrancing documentary that should delight niche viewers across many cultural borders.



In Brimstone, it's a manic, freewheeling moment, empowering to the young person holding the flames and foreshadowing the impossibly precarious explosions to come.