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Captain America: Civil Warisout now (On-Demand, DVD or Blu-Ray).

Going into this film I was a stern #TeamIron supporter and based on what I had seen in the trailers and reading Civil War comic released back in 2007 I had formed the opinion that some kind of oversight is needed.

This film does so many things great but what I love is that is presents solid arguments for both sides and you should waiver with the film as it is presented (if you are not then perhaps you are just stubborn)

The pacing of this film is amazing, you are gripped to your seat and enjoying the ride. There is a lot that happens but amazingly they are able to stay focused on Cap's story, this could have easily been a mess. The action scenes are amazing and the Airport scene well let's just say if you need to go to the toilet and the scene is starting, then pee in your empty cup because trust me you do not want to miss it. (take your pee cup when you leave though, don't be an animal)

There is a lot of heart in this film and although there are a lot of jokes this is quite a serious film, one worry I had going in was that it was going to be all jokes and "oh we are fighting but let's go get coffee afterwards" But it did not, the stakes were high.

Two new characters were introduced in this film as well and I cannot wait for their stand alones. Black Panther was incredible and I still don't believe Chadwick Boseman is 39, he looks like he is 20. Spiderman, Spiderman, Spiderman. No, I am not trying to summon him here like a silky web slinging Beetlejuice. I was in awe of the casting and writing of this character. I like many others had some Spiderman fatigue especially after the last Amazing Spiderman: Let's cram every villain and make a messy toilet drama of a movie. Tom Holland is amazing, he has that same quality as the comic book character. Someone who does not shut up and talks a lot. Deadpool is the R rated version of Spiderman and I have heard some say Spidey is the PG version of Deadpool but considering Deapool is a ninties and Spiderman is from what the late 50's/60's I think give respect where it is due.

Anyway, this film is another home run for Marvel and I am excited for what is to come. Again, the villain in this movie is an afterthought and to be honest I don't think he was even needed. They could have had the events transpire without him.

Signing off for now, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. I mean Aggressive Popcorn.