Chalet Girl

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British rom-com set in the Alps starring up-and-comer Felicity Jones (Cemetery Junction), Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Brooke Shields and Bill Nighy.

Tomboy and former champion skateboarder, Kim (Jones), is bored stiff with her dead end, burger-flipping job. But opportunity knocks in the form of a catering job in the one of the most exclusive chalets in the Alps. Baffled by this bizarre new world of the extremely posh, Kim soon discovers snowboarding and the chance to win some much-needed prize money at a competition. Distractions arise via Jonny (Westwick), her wealthy, handsome – though spoken for – boss.


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Romantic Comedy


Rating: PG contains coarse language

UK, Germany, Austria

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Empire (UK)


Refreshingly funny Brit-com that ticks all the right boxes.

The Guardian (UK)


Amiable, silly, feelgood stuff...

The Telegraph (UK)


Threatening to sink into a squishy mulch of inadequately scripted formula, [Jones] keeps buoying it right back up.

Time Out (UK)


Corny and proud of it, Chalet Girl has no pretensions beyond inspiring laughs and gathering empathy for an endearing central character.

Total Film (UK)


Steered to success – just – by [Felicity] Jones, a natural, likeable everygirl who will make you care.

Variety (USA)


A chirpy, tween-skewing, snowboarding-themed romantic comedy, "Chalet Girl" slaloms exuberantly down a predictable path, kicking up regular flurries of fun along the way.