Chasing Asylum

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The film the Australian government doesn't want you to see.

Documentary featuring never-before-seen footage from inside Australia's offshore detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru, and promising to "reveal the personal impact of sending those in search of a safe home to languish in limbo". From Australian producer and documentarian Eva Orner (producer, Taxi to the Dark Side).

Says Orner, "Living in the USA for much of the past decade, I watched with increasing sadness as the Australia I know and love was dragged into a climate of fear by successive governments determined to convince us of the dangers of boat people. I really hope that Chasing Asylum informs and engages Australians to think more openly about the individual experiences of displaced people seeking a safer life."


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Rating: M Content may disturb

Australia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Iran

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Guardian (UK)


Vital, evocative and gut-wrenching.

Herald Sun (Australia)


One of the most important documentaries ever made in this country, addressing one of the most important issues to ever face this country.

The Age (Australia)


A powerful statement that demands wide circulation and debate.

Variety (USA)


The revealing and frequently heartbreaking documentary is bound to create shockwaves on home turf and should stir up plenty of interest elsewhere.