Cheat India

Cheat India

Emraan Hashmi leads this Bollywood comedy drama dealing with the widespread practice of buying diplomas and job titles and the less fortunate - but equally gifted - people that fall by the wayside.

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Comedy, Drama, World Cinema


Rating: M Drug use & suicide

Hindi with English subtitles


Indian Express


The material is slender and too stretched over two hours, as it goes from engineering-medicine into management, the holy grail.

Hindustan Times


The film has three endings, indecisively shown one after the other - one of which uses a refrain to Hum Honge Kamyaab as an afterthought, pasting it on immediately after another song, diluting any potential impact.

Times of India


Even with the flaws in the story, the film and its various subjects have enough at hand to keep you entertained.