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Charles Dawin biopic, based upon his great great grandson's book Annie’s Box. This is the true-life tale of one of history's most explosive theories: evolution.

After the loss of his eldest daughter, Darwin begins to formulate his theory - in direct conflict with Christian beliefs - with his book The Origin of Species. Starring Paul Bettany (The Da Vinci Code, A Beautiful Mind) as Charles Darwin and Bettany's real-life wife, Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly (Blood Diamond, A Beautiful Mind) as Emily Darwin.


Directed by

  • Jon Amiel('Entrapment', 'Copycat', 'Sommersby', 'The Core')

Written by

Adaptation, Biography, Drama


Rating: PG contains low level offensive language


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Empire Magazine


Thoughtful, moving, and Bettany is brilliant. To be reminded of the power of love to redeem and repair, catch Creation.

The Guardian [UK]


This gentle, heartfelt and well-acted film about Charles Darwin and his personal agony preceding the 1859 publication of On the Origin of Species does not shy away from the issues. But it personalises them, and places them in a new context.

Time Out [UK]


Don’t expect anything too radical from this infuriatingly soft yet still pleasantly subdued and poignant screen adaptation of Randal Keynes’s book ‘Annie’s Box’

Times [UK]


Bettany himself seems hamstrung by a part that requires lots of concentrated frowns and fey swooning, and the ability to render credible a ridiculous rubber baldy cap.

Not Great, Not Terrible


Not Great, Not Terrible

This film is a reminder of what the conflicts of science and religion used to be. The film drags at times and it is a little hard to follow with scene leap froging. But overall a decent source of entertainment for those interested in historical portrayal films.




Darwin's "evolution" theory creates a tension that probably still exists.

This is a moving retelling of the conflict and tension Darwin faced from both sides, in getting his theory to see the light of the scientific day.