Crooked House (2017)

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Max Irons (The Host) leads an all-star cast featuring Glenn Close and Gillian Anderson in this screen adaptation of the Agatha Christie mystery novel.

Private detective Charles Hayward (Irons) is invited to solve a gruesome crime where nobody is above suspicion, including Sophia (Stefanie Martini, TV's Emerald City), his client and former lover.


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Crime, Mystery


Rating: PG Coarse language & sexual references


Hollywood Reporter


A visual treat but a less-than-tantalising mystery.

Los Angeles Times


Irons more than holds his own at the centre of this swirling mystery, and Martini proves an enchanting leading lady, but the real draws are Close and Anderson, who bring a ferocious zest to their over-the-top characters.

New York Times


The superb cast provides mild pleasures, as do some aspects of the elaborate mystery itself.

Variety (USA)


"Crooked House" keeps you guessing, right up to its shocking conclusion (of which Christie was especially proud, naming it a personal favorite among her extensive oeuvre).



Crooked House knows what its job is: to set up a tangled web of colourful characters, throw in a few red herrings, set off its dynamite, and make its exit while the smoke is still in the air.

The Telegraph (UK)


All in all, a hugely enjoyable, sumptuous adaptation that, while never attempting to break the Christie mould, imbued the story with a pleasingly contemporary feel. (Graeme Tuckett)


The best Christie I have seen in years. Bravo