Dead Calm

Dead Calm

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Try to stay calm.

Australian thriller set on the seas starring Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane. Joe and Rae Ingram (Neill and Kidman) do the right thing and rescue the half-delirious sole survivor (Zane) of a crippled schooner. But soon the stranger will plunge the unwary pair into an intense battle of live or death.

Directed by

  • Phillip Noyce('Salt', 'The Bone Collector', 'Patriot Games', 'Clear and Present Danger')



Rating: M contains violence, offensive language & sex scenes


Sunday Times (Australia)


Chilling, claustrophobic tale of menace on a dead calm ocean.

Time Out London


A classic piece of pared-down genre film-making is lent extra depth by an emotional subtext stressing Kidman's transition from dependent wife to resourceful individual.

Variety (USA)


Though not always entirely credible, Dead Calm is a nail-biting suspense pic [from the novel by Charles Williams] handsomely produced and inventively directed.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


This is not a gimmick film ... and Kidman and Zane do generate real, palpable hatred in their scenes together.