Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers

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Psycho-sexual horror from David Cronenberg, led by Jeremy Irons in a dual role as a pair of twin gynaecologists with an interest in surgical techniques and equipment at best considered... unconvential. The siblings use their identical looks to their advantage, with the confident brother ‘passing on’ the women he seduces to his meek counterpart. But when the shy one becomes romantically involved with an actress, the brothers’ relationship dynamic is thrown off balance.

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Drama, Horror, Thriller


Rating: R16 Violence, offensive language and sex scenes

Canada, USA

New York Times


What makes the performance(s) even better is that Mr. Irons invests these bizarre, potentially freakish characters with so much intelligence and so much real feeling. [23 Sept 1988, p.C10]

Roger Ebert


The secret may be that Cronenberg approaches his trashy material with the objectivity of a scientist; it is his detached, cold style that makes the material creepy instead of simply sensational.

Time Out London


An intense psychological drama which confronts [Cronenberg's] familiar preoccupations without the paradoxical protection of visceral disgust.

Variety (USA)


Cronenberg handles his usual fondness for gore in muted style.

Washington Post


For those who enjoy cinematic visits to other, darker worlds, this blood's for you.