Deepsea Challenge

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Deep, dangeours, determined.

Documentary from James Cameron and National Geographic, chronicling Cameron's passion for deepsea diving. The filmmaker turned adventurer embarks on designing a submersible, planning to drop to the depths of the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench - nearly seven miles beneath the surface.


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Documentary, 3D


Rating: PG


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Los Angeles Times


The film seems to gloss over meaningful logistics of the expedition as well as the scientific discoveries made from the specimens it collected.

New York Times


A shallow vanity project that invites us to join him in marveling at his own daring.

Urban Cinefile (Australia)


For anyone even vaguely interested in our earth, the film is a window into literally unchartered waters

Variety (USA)


Fans of the director and oceanography gearheads should swoon to the immersive, visually spectacular images of the ocean floor.

Hollywood Reporter


Science-centric picture offers dramatic tech challenges but less eye candy than Cameron's earlier docs.

At The Movies (Australia)


A hymn to the spirit of adventure and to the quest for scientific knowledge of our planet.