Coming to Cinemas 7 March 2019

You can't run from yourself.

Nicole Kidman plays a police detective, broken and battle-hardened, who attempts to reconnect with the members of a gang she infiltrated as a young undercover cop - a past that continues to haunt her. From director Karyn Kusama, reuniting with the writers of 2015's The Invitation.


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Action, Crime, Drama



Hollywood Reporter


Ultimately feels affected in its aspirations toward making some profound statement about self-abasement and sacrifice, making one feel like rejecting the whole thing despite some striking individual moments.

IndieWire (USA)


The movie takes its time to provide a satisfying rationale, occasionally suffering from a sluggish pace and sleepy atmosphere that lessens the underlying mystery...

Variety (USA)


Kidman has always been a chameleon, but in this case, she doesn’t merely change her color; she disappears into an entirely new skin, rearranging her insides to fit the character’s tough hide.

Los Angeles Times


The grim relentlessness with which "Destroyer" seesaws between time frames - as if to make sure that no state of abjection, past or present, goes unexplored - wore me out long before the endlessly protracted finish.



Rarely are women cast in these roles of screwed-up, hard-boiled antiheroes with a lifetime of regrets to make up for, and even if this is your basic LA noir, it's well-executed and satisfying in all the ways it should be.

Screen International


Kidman brings such compelling conviction to her role as a tormented detective that she single handedly imbues the film with urgency and authenticity.

The Guardian


It's a mechanical noir dressed up as something more substantial and this is especially felt in an ending that drowns in unearned profundity.