Dog Eat Dog

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Veteran action writer-director Paul Schrader (Affliction, American Gigolo) teams up with Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe and Christopher Matthew Cook for this quirky mob kidnap flick.

"Troy (Cage), Mad Dog (Dafoe), and Diesel (Cook) are three ex-cons looking for a payday, a final big score that will be their ticket to an early retirement. Luckily, mafioso "The Greek" (a cameo by director Paul Schrader) has just the job for them: kidnapping a mobster's baby. Deep down, they know this is a bad idea, but does that stop them? Of course not. Pitch-black hilarity ensues." (Toronto International Film Festival)


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Crime, Drama, Thriller





It’s such a cartoonishly lurid explosion of dirty imagery and perverse morality that you’ll either throw back your head and cackle along with the filmmakers’ filthy prank, or shake your head and storm out of the theatre.

Hollywood Reporter


Schrader has just gone for it here with a highly focused recklessness that he turns to his creative advantage.

The Guardian (UK)


Plot strands are left dangling; but Schrader carries it off. He still has flair.

Variety (USA)


...Schrader's choices nearly all seem to be arbitrary. Instead of coming off as veterans who know what they're doing, the result feels dangerously amateur.