Escape Room (2019)

Coming to Cinemas 21 February 2019

Find the clues or die.

Six strangers must use their wits to survive in this psychological thriller from the director of Insidious: The Last Key.


Directed by

  • Adam Robitel('Insidious: The Last Key', 'The Taking of Deborah Logan')



Rating: M Violence & offensive language.




Although it has some solid PG-13 thrills, Escape Room eventually overstays its welcome.

New York Times


There are intimations of "Tales From the Crypt," "Final Destination," "The Game," and other older, better films here; this movie never catches a fire like any of those did, and even its twist coda feels dreary and pro forma.

Variety (USA)


Even when these movies are good, they're pure carny contraptions. But next to the unevenly diverting trap-door convolutions of "Escape Room," something like "Deathtrap" begins to look like Chekhov.

Associated Press


The thing is, "Escape Room" isn't actually all that bad, just kind of silly, but it takes a moment to readjust your expectations after that condescending beginning, and a very phoned-in introduction to the unlucky six Chicago strangers.

Los Angeles Times


The amped-up psychological thriller "Escape Room" pretty much accomplishes what it sets out to do and does it fairly well.

FilmInk (Australia)


...the biggest puzzle of Escape Room is why they didn't spend a little more developing such a promising idea.

The Guardian


Nifty, nasty high-concept horror, with dabs of Saw and Final Destination.

Empire (UK)


Escape Room is like The Crystal Maze with more death. It's fun at the start then loses its way, but it'll do until 'Flossing: The Movie' comes along.