Flying The Nest

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A young plover chick named Ploey is struggling to learn to fly before his family migrates south in this animated family adventure. Isolated and afraid, Ploey embarks on a journey where he must use his cunning, and rely on the help of new friends to make it through the winter and see his flock once more.


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Adventure, Animated, Kids & Family


Rating: G

Iceland, Belgium

The Guardian


A slapdash air of will-this-do? carelessness permeates the film.

Sydney Morning Herald


The plot keeps moving and Ploey and the ptarmigan have a good-humoured, odd-couple appeal that neatly avoids sentimentality.

Herald Sun


While the standard of animation seen here is quite strong - especially when conveying the natural splendour of the Icelandic landscape - the storytelling chugs along on autopilot, and the voice cast follow suit.