Friends With Money

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For director Holocener's third film, she's assembled one of the most impressive casts for some time with Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand, Jennifer Aniston & Joan Cusack.

"This delicious, serio-comic tale of four women friends in affluent, liberal, West LA grappling with midlife crises, metrosexual spouses and household remodeling takes on an avoided subject: money, and how it affects our relationships. Rich Joan Cusack, successful but angry fashion designer Frances McDormand, unhappily married screenwriter Catherine Keener and pot-smoking housecleaner Jennifer Aniston (the only one without bread, or a husband) are characters we come to know intimately" [Newsweek].


Directed by

  • Nicole Holofcener(Lovely & Amazing, Walking & Talking, tv's 'Sex And The City', 'Six Feet Under')



Rating: M contains sex scenes, offensive language & drug use


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Friends with Money, could be a painful reminder of the reality of relationships, but succeeds as a convincing and seemingly accurate portrayal of women’s lives, so rare in cinema today. Four strong actresses (Cusack, McDormand, Keener and Aniston) carry the film, with their husbands/boyfriends sharing the narrative alongside. Each of the characters deal with the stresses of everyday life, of dating, marriage, renovations, what happens when someone's steals your car park or cuts in line at the supermarket just one time too many and the eternal question does money make you happy?

The wonderfully cast actresses refuse to allow the four women to fall into type characters, delivering a refreshing sincerity and genuineness that redeems them of their flaws. These women have been friends so long that sometimes they wonder how they came together in the first place. Yet it is these differences that provide the support and humour to keep them going.

With a similar tone to recent relationship dramas, (The Break-up, Shopgirl), we witness the truth about life and love, and where it?s headed after the first dates and honeymoons. The strength of the film lies in Aniston?s delivery of her character, Olivia - proving yet again there?s more to this girl than Rachel Green of Friends fame. Unlike her close friends, Olivia, is without money, a free-spirited thirty something reluctant to settle down, or unable – Olivia’s singledom is not a life choice but rather a case of not finding the right man, which in some ways cuts her character short of the independence she implies. However, Olivia is amusing, and despite her constant procrastination and whimsiness, remains hopeful.

The film is a touching and amusing study of contemporary life, love and money and the consequent stress, heartache and exhaustion that come along for the ride.
[Reviewed by Selina Foote]



Delicately crafted script full of witty vignettes...

Empire Magazine UK


While this doesn't add up to much more than "It's good to be rich and have friends", it's entertaining, choice performances and the laugh-out-loud quotient of a good sketch show...

Hollywood Reporter


Nicole Holofcener's third feature, "Friends With Money," is a pitch-perfect ensemble comedy that burrows deep into the mind-set of white, upper middle-class Angelenos, anxious to strike the right balance among career, family, love life and money but never quite pulling it off...

NZ Herald


The problem is that none of the women is particularly likeable and Olivia [Aniston] is ... just nothing in particular. She's like a character black hole into which our sympathy disappears without trace...

Rolling Stone USA (Peter Travers)


1/2 Yes, that is Jennifer Aniston tarted up as a sexual fantasy: the ooh-la-la French maid clutching a phallic vacuum hose so her boyfriend can get off when she bends over. No, Friends With Money is not that kind of movie. Far from it. The keenly observant writer and director Nicole Holofcener isn't about to settle for giving jocks their jollies. She's interested in the shifting dynamics among real women. Listen up, guys, you might learn something... The film is a field day for actresses. And their teamwork is a thing of beauty. It touches a nerve...

The New York Times


Greatly appealing if not especially adventurous, either for its director or for her admirers... in the final scene of Nicole Holofcener's "Friends With Money," a bittersweet comedy about the drama of being alive - with and without a fistful of dollars - the actress Jennifer Aniston summons up a small smile that looks a lot like a frown. It would be a stretch to say that at that moment her character, a vaguely depressed pot-smoking housekeeper named Olivia, is actually happy, but neither is she exactly unhappy. It's just that she, much as the rumpled man tucked into bed next to her says about himself, has "some issues, you know ... problems"...




I wanted to see this film at the International Film Festival but missed out due to scheduling. I ended up going to see it on a cheap ticket and I'm glad I did.

The movie moves along at a slow pace and nothing really seems to happen. I suppose it's what you call an "actors movie" but really it was just kind of meh. Jennifer Anniston seems to play the same roles in her movies, a down-trodden "normal" person.

I enjoyed it but not hugely. Would wait for DVD.

The words 'beige' & 'boring' spring to mind.


The words 'beige' & 'boring' spring to mind.

I was dissapointed I missed this at the Festival, but the anticipation was quickly unnessary. It felt like a 2 hour TV show without the punch of Sex In The City & Desperate Housewives.