From Time to Time

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A ghost story spanning two worlds, two centuries apart starring Dominic West, Maggie Smith and Timothy Spall. From the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Gosford Park.

When 13-year-old Tolly (Alex Etel) finds he can mysteriously travel between the two worlds, he begins an adventure that unlocks family secrets laid buried for generations.


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Adaptation, Adventure, Kids & Family


Rating: M


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NZ Herald (Francesca Rudkin)


A dignified, thoughtful, old-fashioned family adventure

TVNZ (Darren Bevan)


But it's all a little plodding in places - it feels a little Secret Gardenish as they negotiate different times and along with simple acting and no real emotion from the lead, it's hard to become engaged in this tale.

Can't decide what it wants to be

The biggest problem standing in the way of the film's success is that it is neither a full-on family film nor a grown up drama - and the ending is both sombre and flat.


A gem of a movie with everything going for it. Humour, pathos, great acting. A must see!