Funny Cow

Coming to Cinemas 26 July 2018

UK comedy-drama charting the rise of a comedian (Maxine Peake, The Theory of Everything), set against a backdrop of Northern England working men's clubs in the '70s and '80s. From her troubled childhood to her turbulent adult relationships, the Funny Cow uses the raw material of her life experiences to bring her unique style of comedy to the stage.


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Comedy, Drama


Rating: R16 Domestic violence, sexual material & offensive language


The Independent (UK)


Funny Cow is one of the best British features of the year so far: an abrasive, tender and continually surprising affair whose comic moments sit next to scenes of irredeemable bleakness.

The London Evening Standard


This film is interested in the point where hate and humour meet. Its protagonist is a real cow. I loved her to bits.

The Telegraph (UK)


It's...honest about the cesspools of knee-jerk racism and other forms of bigotry that passed for humour in the bad old days - some of which even the heroine dredges up to make her mark.

The Times (UK)


It's a tough, passionate and compassionate account of survival at all costs (what would you do, and say, to escape a desperate life?) and a troubling portrait of an unsavoury element of national character that still very much exists.

FilmInk (Australia)


Somewhat melodramatic, but truthful, and the core relationships, themes and emotions that run through the film are wholly universal.