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War never ends quietly.

Brad Pitt is Sergeant Don "Wardaddy" Collier in this WWII action drama, the master and commander of a Sherman tank and her crew (Shia LaBeouf, Michael Peña and Jon Bernthal). The year is 1945, and Allied troops fight their way across German soil. But with many deaths still to come, it's no picnic for the crew, or the new recruit that joins them (Logan Lerman). From the writer and director of End of Watch.

Under Collier, the crew of the tank Fury have fought their way through Africa, across Europe and into Deutschland. The sole survivors of a pitched battle, they have little time to rest before being thrown back into the fray, clearing townships, rescuing outgunned GIs and taking on the waves of fanatical soldiers and terrified children that Hitler desperately throws at them.

Fury is the first major role for Shia LaBeouf since he famously started wearing a paper bag over his head. On the set of this film, Brad Pitt reportedly complained he was too smelly to share a tank with.


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Action, Drama, War


Rating: R16 Graphic violence and offensive language


War is hell. And according to Fury it’s also really, really muddy. We’re talking Glastonbury levels of mud, though this version of World War 2 seems absent of any chavvy Englishmen. To be fair, that’s not too surprising, given director David Ayer’s tight focus on the American crew of the titular Sherman tank as it advances into Germany in the final year of the war.

Led by a convincingly compelling Brad Pitt, dialling down his Inglourious Basterds performance by about 2%, they’re a believable unit, if comprising the stereotypes you’d expect. To Fury’s credit, the film rises above the obvious, particularly in the form of wide-eyed new recruit Logan Lerman, through whose eyes we’re introduced to the horrors of war.

So far, so familiar, but Ayer knows what he’s doing with this rolling family, in the same way that his End of Watch was elevated by the onscreen relationship between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña (also appears here). The man also knows his way around an action sequence, and is more than up to various challenges here, including a spectacular and nerve-wracking multi-tank engagement, the countryside lit up by tracer fire and the film’s perspective effortlessly shifting between internal and external points of view.

Is there a huge amount of character development? Not really. Do we come to see the Germans as characters in their own right? Nope. But with any luck you’ll be swept away like I was as Fury gives you the jitters, a superior war film that doesn’t shirk from sudden, shocking violence but still doesn’t overplay its hand when it comes to man’s inhumanity to man.

Dissolve (USA)


Lives up to its title with its great ferocity, but at a certain point, it begins to feel like a macho fantasy.

Time Out London


Brad Pitt pulls along this gutsy, old-fashioned World War II epic by the sheer brute force of his charisma.

Variety (USA)


Pitt plays a watered-down version of his 'Inglourious Basterds' character in this disappointingly bland look at a World War II tank crew.

Guardian (UK)


Fury is a punchy, muscular action film, confidently put together and never anything other than watchable.

Total Film (UK)


Loud, intense, violent, relentless, Fury doesn't stop until the credits roll, thanks to Ayer's cracking direction and a committed cast. The best WW2 movie in some time.

Empire (UK)


A persuasive, warts-and-bolts depiction of warfare from the guts of a tank yoked to an overwrought, sub-Private Ryan account of innocence under fire - so a hit and a miss.

Hollywood Reporter


A good, solid World War II movie, nothing more and nothing less.

New York Times


Within this gore-spattered, superficially nihilistic carapace is an old-fashioned platoon picture, a sensitive and superbly acted tale of male bonding under duress.

At The Movies (Australia)


A rather infuriating film... doesn't have anything very new to add to the movies set during that awful period.

Furious Pitt

Destined to be a classic, Fury has the grit, blood, and originality not seen in a WWII film since Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan. Utterly engaging from start to finish, not painting the Allied forces as the 'good guys' and the Germans as the 'baddies' with the one act of mercy in the whole film performed by a German. Superb.

A Furious Film

Just Two words...Bloody Brilliant!. Around the start of the year, I had written a review about the outstanding movie Lone Survivor, and by then I was certain that there was no war film or any 2014 film that could beat that brilliant movie. Well I ate my own words after watching Fury. At the start I wasn't too convinced I have to say with this new so called Brad Pitt epic war film, and too me, David Ayer didn't seem like the type of director that I would choose to direct Epic War films, mainly because Ayer hasn't directed that many movies. But how wrong I was after watching Fury. Ayer did an outstanding job at portraying the hell of war through the use of all the blood and guts and the horrors of war. And Brad Pitt... well what can I say about him, I thought he gave his best performance in this film after a lot of his films haven't really convinced me throughout his acting career, but after his performance in Fury, I can start to look forward to his films again. And with war being my favourite genre for movies, Fury certainly excited and thrilled and in some cases scared me with the horrors of war that Fury portrayed. Well done Fury, you have now just taken the number 1 spot on my list of favourite movies.

Blood & Mud (may contain spoilers)

From a cinematic point of view this film captures the true essence of war from machinery , weapons, uniforms through to the bloody mess that war can be.

Hard to like the tank crew, all individually pretty f**ked up and the new boy 'Machine' becomes a cold hard killer in a couple of days. The nicest person in the film was an 'evil' SS trooper who lets Machine live.

Couldn't fault the action, but would the SS wasted that many men attacking a disabled tank, probably just would have gone around it to complete their mission.

Hard hitting action with plenty of blood, guts and mud.

More gratuitous violence please

Great war film with expected results but a good journey to get there. Interesting perspective of a tank in war. You feel for the typist knowing he is no hero though he will have to toe the line.

War is death and destruction

Well acted, great special effects and fighting scenes !!!

Shows the evil mankind can inflict on others in the name of winning the war.

Not for the faint hearted as it got lots of death, blood and gore just as a real war would.

Brad Pitt is in command.

Unlike most women I enjoy war film, and this one doesn't disappoint. This is a slice of WW2 that involves a small group of soldiers who try their best to make headway on Germany's home turf. Brad Pitt does a sterling job as the tank commander and Shia La Beouf puts in a solid performance as gunner. The direction and editing are sharp so we really feel the hell these guys are going through stuck out there in enemy territory. It's not the greatest war film by any stretch but if you like war films it's definitely worth a look.

a little below the expectations

We know the war is cruel and we see plenty. But the film is problematic for its individualistic heroism, especially the lacking of retrospect of the war. Looks exactly like one of Brad Pitt's many projects of self-righteousness. Compared to Enemy at the Gates, the one lacks serious depth.





It cant get better than this.great gritty film. Pitt is truley all guts and glory. god bless America