Generation Wealth

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The American dream just keeps getting more expensive.

From documentarian Lauren Greenfield (The Queen of Versailles), an investigation into the pathology behind America's obsession with fame and money.





Hollywood Reporter


Easily the most ambitious film of Greenfield's career, but also the most infuriating for all of the sociological and psychological points that it tries to make in ways that are too often unearned or poorly defended.

Screen International


This personal approach gives the film a sharp intimacy, and from here Greenfield pulls out to reveal how similar patterns are reshaping lives and families the world over.

The Guardian (UK)


An ambitious essay documentary that is often brilliant but is let down by a parallel focus on Greenfield's own family and career which becomes too sentimental and stretches the film out beyond its natural length.

Variety (USA)


Greenfield makes a compelling argument for a society on the brink of precipitous decline, choosing to interpret the runaway vanity and rampant materialism observed in her own work as harbingers of our imminent destruction.