Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

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A documentary which traces the life of the magnetic, world-conquering, Jamaican musician, model and party queen Grace Jones.


Directed by

  • Sophie Fiennes('Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow', 'The Pervert's Guide to Ideology', 'The Pervert's Guide to Cinema')

Documentary, Music


Rating: M Offensive language & nudity

Ireland, UK

Empire (UK)


An engaging, visually striking attempt to uncover the 'real' Grace Jones which is only partially successful in those terms. Nonetheless, it's still a fitting tribute to a music icon.

Hollywood Reporter


Fiennes rejects rock-doc conventions like talking heads, archive footage and linear narrative. Which is commendably bold on one level, but may leave some viewers scratching their heads and craving a little more context.

Little White Lies


A unique way to encapsulate the life and character of an artist.

The Guardian (UK)


[Grace Jones'] star quality only gets more intense.

The Times (UK)


For the uninitiated, the viewing experience will be incredibly vague, devoid of backstory, context, history or canonical importance.

TimeOut (London)


This portrait of Grace Jones meanders a bit, preferring a loose series of intimate moments to anything too slick or traditional. But with moments like these, who cares?

Total Film (UK)


Shot over several years, the entertaining but meandering off-stage material seems too dazzled by Jones' mega-watt persona. The real action happens on stage, where Jones is a one-woman riot. (James Croot)


An entertaining, engaging and somewhat enlightening look at a complicated woman.

FilmInk (Australia)


A beautiful and intimate documentary experience.