Hal (2018)

Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, Amy Scott's debut documentary examines the career of oft-overlooked director Hal Ashby (Shampoo, Harold and Maude, The Last Detail).

"Amy Scott’s exuberant portrait—drawn from rare archival materials, interviews, personal letters, and audio recordings—explores that curious oversight, revealing a passionate, obsessive artist. Having hitchhiked to LA, Ashby eventually landed in the editing room, where a chance encounter with Norman Jewison brought his big break (and a lifelong friendship). Ashby’s subsequent films were guided by compassion and deep engagement with social justice, class, and race." (Sundance Film Festival)



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Documentary, Festival & Independent


Rating: Exempt


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Los Angeles Times


"Hal" deals with each of the director's films in a smart, engaging manner.

New York Times


It's a consistently engaging trip.

Variety (USA)


"Hal" has a once-over-lightly quality, but at times it offers a telling window into how the New Hollywood worked.

Hollywood Reporter


A most welcome reassessment of one of the most important figures in 1970s Hollywood.