Hotel Mumbai

Coming to Cinemas 14 March 2019

Golden Globe winner Dev Patel (Lion) and Arnie Hammer (The Social Network) star in this drama based on the documentary Surviving Mumbai, which covered the 2008 Mumbai hotel bombing.


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Rating: R16 Violence, cruelty & offensive language


Hollywood Reporter


The film is both gripping in its execution - although a two-hours-plus running time feels a bit stretched - and totally bland in what it's trying to say, with characters who don't really stand out on screen.

Screen International


Maras largely sticks to the dramatisation playbook, but does so in an effective, affecting and empathetic fashion.

Variety (USA)


Whatever else it may offer to audiences - vicarious thrills, emotional catharsis - "Hotel Mumbai" clearly serves as a testament to those remarkable individuals.

The Guardian


Hotel Mumbai is an excellent, white-knuckle thriller - and an unlikely crowd-pleaser.