I Feel Pretty

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Amy Schumer thinks she's a solid 10 after sustaining a head injury in this comedy from the writers of Never Been Kissed and How to Be Single. With her newfound confidence she is empowered to live her life fearlessly and flawlessly, but what will happen when she realises her appearance never changed?

Hollywood Reporter


The film veers between inspired and strained and finally settles into the realm of self-improvement pop psychology.

Variety (USA)


A concept that begs the question of why our society encourages women to second-guess their self-image in the first place.

Time Out New York


Consumed by an annoying premise that seems practically designed to generate think pieces.

Empire (UK)


Its heart is in the right place, but its head is somewhere else.

Guardian (UK)


Even though the script might let her down, Schumer does still manage to sell a smattering of the comic moments...

New York Times


It's clear that Ms. Schumer knows a thing or two about sexist ideologies, real power struggles and all the deeply unfunny, unpretty rest. She can go more than skin deep.



When it's good... and when Schumer's fully locked into her take-no-prisoners charm assault, it's pretty undeniably delightful stuff.

Los Angeles Times


I would gladly watch a version of "I Feel Pretty" with a less privileged celebrity in the lead, but I can't deny the sweet-and-salty verve that Schumer brings to this one.