If Beale Street Could Talk

Coming to Cinemas 7 March 2019

Trust love all the way.

A Harlem woman scrambles to prove her fiancé's innocence while carrying their first child in this drama from Oscar-winning Moonlight writer-director Barry Jenkins. Co-star Regina King picked up a Golden Globe for her supporting role.

"Tish (KiKi Layne) and Fonny (Stephan James) have known each other since childhood, but only latterly discovered that the safe, easy familiarity between them has bloomed into a love so intoxicating it promises everlasting joy and happiness. But life is not destined to be so easy for a young black couple living in 1970s Harlem. Fonny is falsely accused of a rape and an unjust judicial system refuses to acknowledge the impossibility of his having committed the crime. Tish and her family struggle to exonerate him." (London Film Festival)



Best Supporting Performance (Regina King), Golden Globes 2019

Directed by

Written by

  • Barry Jenkins
  • (based on the novel of the same name by James Baldwin)

Crime, Drama





You can see the broad outline of what Jenkins wanted to accomplish with If Beale Street Could Talk, but the inside is hollow.

The Times (UK)


If Beale Street Could Talk becomes a chronicle of crushed innocence and systemic injustice, but also a poetic paean to the healing power of love.

Vanity Fair


The strength of KiKi Layne's performance is in how wonderfully it toes the line between youth and wisdom, helplessness and self-determination.

Los Angeles Times


Are you in the mood for love yet? Jenkins' movie will put you there.

Hollywood Reporter


If the movie's slow burn seems to build toward a powerful release that doesn't materialise, the sheer beauty of its craft and the heartfelt feeling behind every scene nonetheless command attention.

Variety (USA)


A work of social realism elevated to poetic heights by the sheer beauty of its voice and the humanism of its spirit...

The Guardian


It's a film with love at its root, both familial and romantic, and Jenkins fills so much of it with a radiating warmth.