In a Relationship

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As one couple's relationship appears to be ending, their pals appear to be starting one in this comedy about modern romance.


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Written by

Comedy, Drama, Romance


Rating: M Sex scenes, offensive language & drug use

USA, Mexico

Hollywood Reporter


Though its tone is amiable and its performances are (mostly) professional, it's hard to care if these four people live happily ever after or never see each other again.

IndieWire (USA)


What Sam Boyd’s tender and winning debut feature lacks in originality and ambition, it makes up for in honesty and charm.

Variety (USA)


The movie is much funnier than the vast majority of indie comedies, serving as a great audition piece for a career of sitcom directing.

Los Angeles Times


There's just not enough that's new here - either in what's being said, or how.

New York Times


"In a Relationship" has a smudged tenderness and almost nostalgic sweetness, as if we're watching these characters painfully learn everything that we already know.