In the Fade

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Golden Globe-winning thriller from acclaimed German director Fatih Akin (The Edge of Heaven) featuring Diane Kruger in her first German-language feature.

"Kruger plays Katja, whose life collapses in the aftermath of a bomb attack that kills her husband and son. But after the time of mourning and injustice comes the time for revenge." (Sydney Film Festival)



Best Foreign Language Film, Golden Globes 2018; Winner of Best Actress (Kruger), 2017 Cannes Film Festival

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Crime, Thriller, World Cinema


German with English subtitles

Germany, France

Hollywood Reporter


A thriller made riveting by an emotional performance from Diane Kruger.

The Guardian (UK)


This is not Kruger's finest hour. Nor Akin's either.

Variety (USA)


Kruger's powerhouse performance in her first German-language production goes a long way toward compensating for the narrative's dip into overly crystalline waters ...

Village Voice (New York)


The more I think about it, the more I believe it might actually be one of Akin's best.

Screen International


Doggedly conventional in its approach, the film walks an uneasy line between unflinching honesty and crass emotional exploitation, before tipping into the latter in a questionable final act.

FilmInk (Australia)


A mediocre film wrapped around and weighing down a truly great performance.

New York Times


Ms. Kruger ... leaves a vivid, haunting impression.

Los Angeles Times


Akin was inspired to tell the story by real-life political events in Germany, and his skills as a filmmaker are such that escape from this unsettling film is not in the cards.