Iron Man 2

= (Transformers 2/ Batman & Robin) x Gilmore Girls

Iron Man 2's poster

Iron Man 2isout now (On-Demand, DVD or Blu-Ray).

I loved Iron Man 1.

It was a movie I could recommend to guys and girls across most ages, and even if super hero action films weren't their thing, they al generally enjoyed it and thought it was pretty cool.

Iron Man 2 was still entertaining but could not reach the heights of the first. Some glimpses of great action scenes but then always left wanting.

The flimsy additional characters seemed like the infamous flop that was "Batman & Robin" while quick back and forth un-funny dialogue made me feel like I was watching Gilmore Girls. Having just seen Inglorious Basterds and Kick Ass as my last 2 action movies, Iron Man 2 seemed like it was definitely targeted more at the tween/ teen market. "Light action" + a weak plot and characters. But then again still somewhat entertaining.