Iron Man 2, reviewed byDamon-Keen

Deeply lame... and suspiciously right wing...

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Iron Man 2isout now (On-Demand, DVD or Blu-Ray).

Not within a country mile of the very cool original. Meandering and uninteresting, with the bad guy out-numbered two to one... Where's the suspense in that?

Additionally they seem to be selling Stark as a "good" arms dealer, with his enemy being the "bad" arms dealer. WTF? Since when did being an arms dealer become ok with Hollywood? (My guess is when Murdoch started paying for movies). The appearance of O'Rielly, one of the most nasty, right-wing nut-jobs in America, confirms the moral turpitude of this film.

Downey and Rockwell ARE excellent however, but one suspects that this has nothing to do with the film.