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Prepare for a heavy metal.

Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark in the third instalment of Marvel's Iron Man. Largely confined to his workshop after the events of The Avengers, Stark is sidelined from superhero duties until he calls out violent terrorist The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). Pausing a campaign of anti-U.S. attacks, The Mandarin takes a personal interest in Stark, who soon finds his whole life threatened by a foe more powerful than he or the government anticipated.

The once over-confident Tony Stark is still rattled by the battle of New York in which he helped to repel an alien invasion. Anxious and having trouble sleeping, Stark obsessively works on his Iron Man suits, to the consternation of girlfriend Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). Potts is soon in the firing line along with a scientist and former lover (Rebecca Hall), after Stark challenges international terrorist The Mandarin, who turns his deadly attention towards Stark in a spectacular attack on his home. As The Mandarin returns to his plan to strike at the heart of American politics, Stark must overcome his own battered psyche, familiar faces from his past and a new wave of formidable weaponry to stop him. Written and directed by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang). Based on Warren Ellis' comic book arc Extremis.


Directed by

Written by

  • Shane Black
  • Drew Pearce
  • (based on characters created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Don Heck and Larry Lieber; based on the comic book run 'Extremis' by Warren Ellis)

Action, Adventure


Rating: M contains violence


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Following the triumph of The Avengers, Marvel Studios proves two important things with Iron Man 3: firstly, that a Marvel film focusing on "only" one hero still has plenty to offer the blockbuster landscape; and secondly, that they are true masters of assigning directors to material.

The Avengers benefited superlatively from Joss Whedon's voice, but even more so, Iron Man 3 is a Shane Black film, and it's overflowing with the witty swagger of his best work as a screenwriter (The Last Boy Scout; The Long Kiss Goodnight).

Black helped shape Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark persona in 2005's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was Black's directorial debut after years as a successful screenwriter. Iron Man 3 is Black's first film as director since then and the visual dexterity on display in it makes me mourn for all the films he could've made in that time. Put this guy in charge of all the big stuff from now on please!

The idea of stripping Tony Stark of his Iron Man powers might not seeming hugely exciting ahead of time, but the dynamic it introduces helps this film sing as a character piece. Black (and co-writer Drew Pearce) have written to Downey's strengths as an actor, and the film rules for it.

They've come up with an nifty way of addressing the anachronistic nature of The Mandarin, excellently essayed by Ben Kingsley, and also given Guy Pearce plenty to work with as a suspiciously suave scientist.

But all the great character stuff doesn't mean there's any shortage of hardware or action here – Iron Man 3 features several of the best set-pieces in Marvel movie history. This helps the film put fading memories of the underwhelming Iron Man 2 to rest, and reinstates the series as Marvel's gold-standard for awesomeness.

Superhero movies just don't get better than this.

Empire (UK)


Black proves the perfect blacksmith, forging smart new tech and scenarios for the swaggering super-genius.

Guardian (UK)


To use a recondite term in professional film criticism: whoo-hoo!

Total Film (UK)


Funny, twisty and thrilling, this is shellhead’s most entertaining solo flight to date. It’s also an impressive pace-setter for this summer’s barrage of big movies.



Black has an instinctive feel for balancing action set-pieces against the passages of soap-opera that are required to make them matter.

Time Out New York


It’s undeniably entertaining – and worth seeing for Kingsley alone – with the misfires never fully overshadowing the moments of glory.

Hollywood Reporter


Downey is at his superhero genius best here, rattling off dialogue both clever and boilerplate with non-repetitive aplomb.

Variety (USA)


Stages a few undeniably impressive, super-sized setpieces.



Best of the series

This movie had the best balance of suspense, action and comedy in the series so far. Tony Stark finds himself doing battle with a new villain who is a pawn in the bigger plot of an evil scientist. Some great witty banter as always with a fascinating villain and a kid who plays an important part in the story. Stark makes a careless comment early on which exposes his hideout which is then destroyed, leaving him a tough job to put his life back together and hunt down his enemy without the help of his suit. It's a testosterone charged fun ride.




pile of ...

... yes you guessed it !

Ironman three-tastic

Yes, everyone knows I'm bias when it comes to graphic novels on the big screen, and Ironman3 was no exception, it was awesome! Great follow on from 1 & 2, as well as The Avengers. The story line is again a growth of Tony Stark and his future, normal for a graphic novel, not so much for the silver screen. Amazing action scenes with little music to distract, little too much movement, but still loved it, fanstatic escapism who doesnt wana fly, be a super hero and a billionare!!?

Genre : adventure, action, graphic novel

5/5 : its just my thing, I like them, I dont know about a 4th Ironman tho, who they gona use as bad guy?

Big Bunny to much???

Never - everything in this movie is over the top in regards to production and the amount oF suits he now has - but its what makes it IRON MAN 3 - didnt need the 3D to make it an enjoyable action movie - definetly a future watch when its released on DVD :)

Great Marvel Flick

Possibly best of the three, Ben Kingsley steals the show. Lots of fun. If I had one gripe it would be.... Well actually, that would give some of the plot away...

A lot of fun

I went into this movie expecting it to be great... and it was. What a relief. Pepper gets to kick some butt (and flaunt her abs), Tony Stark is the ultimate anti-hero and the action, when it arrives, is spectacular. A lot of fun.

The Best "Iron Man" Suit Yet

After the blockbuster hit of 2012, "The Avengers", Marvel Films steamrolls into their second phase of films that will next conclude at the "Avengers" sequel.

Leading the charge again is Iron Man, the character who started off the successful chain of films that have been released so far, involving characters from the Marvel Universe.

With two films, and cameo's throughout the chain, how does the characters third film stack up? Especially now with the weight of the "Avengers" success on it's shoulders?

Tony Stark is in trouble. Not from an enemy, but himself. After the attack on New York in the "Avengers", he has become his own worst enemy and fortified his Iron Man armory. A new enemy then appears, calling himself the Mandarin, who terrorises the American way.

Iron Man must enter the fray, but can Tony Stark?

With director Shane Black now at the helm, "Iron Man 3" is back and better than ever. The film is pure Black through and through. With strong, quick and witty dialogue throughout the film, Black confidently takes the usually cocky Tony Stark on a journey through the fear of one's mortality.

Expertly portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., who by now wholly owns the character, their previous work together from "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" comes through in scenes where the lines move as fast as the action.

Surrounding Downey with the great supporting cast from the previous films, including former director Jon Favreau resuming his role as "Happy Hogan", Black only reinforces them with quality turns from Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall and Sir Ben Kingsley as the antagonist, The Mandarin.

Avoiding an enemy who could have been completely campy, he creates a villain who can match Tony on every level, and turns out to be even more so.

What Black does best though, is completely remove Stark from the suit. More often than not, it is Tony who is fighting in this film, rather than the armored Iron Man. With the assistance of a local boy in a small U.S town, it all comes together to lead to a conclusion for the character that defines their status of "superhero".

And while Black's strength revolves around dialogue and characterisation, he brings one more to the table with a fantastic visual eye for action.

Showcasing a plethora of new technology developed by the character, it goes bigger, badder and crazier with each set-piece that occurs.

From exploding mansions, to escapes and a final battle that matches that of the "Avengers", it helps bring together a sum of parts that is completely gratifying.

"Iron Man 3" is the best one, so far.

Slightly disappointed in Tony's latest adventure...

I have been a massive fan of the Iron Man movies ever since the first was released back in 2008. I liked how relatively grounded the movies felt, well, as grounded as something can be when it's about a man flying around in a suit of armour, and also fighting aliens in The Avengers. But when it comes to Iron Man's standalone movies, I prefer his enemy to be somewhat technological. And this is what I thought we would be getting, when in recent interview, Robert Downey Jr said they were stripping the series back to its basics.

The first two movies' villains were basically someone trying to use Tony's technology against him. This time around however, we have a bunch of lava men that conveniently regenerate when they take any damage, and just want to kill Iron Man for no particular reason. These enemies are wildly inconsistent in how they die, as well. For instance, they won't die from being shot in the face, but a shot to the nest will kill them. If that's the case, then I find it rather strange that in another moment, one of these enemies can be exploded from the inside out and be perfectly fine. It's as though the filmmakers jjust decided when or how they die, just for convenience.

With these flaws, it was still great to see Robert Downey Jr's brilliant performance once again - he really is what makes these movies great, and there are some fantastic moments between him and a kid, that, if done by anybody else, could have just come across as corny and sappy. One thing I will say about Tony in this movie though, is that they have tried to make him more "wounded" and dark. I've always felt that the Iron Man movies should be light hearted, that Tony doesn't really go in for that brooding hero stuff. Throughout the movie, Tony has these panic attacks, thinking of the events of the Avengers. These attacks don't really amount to anything, they basically are just there to say "hey, the Avengers happened" and that's about it.

Overall, it was an enjoyable movie, not without its flaws, but definitely worth a watch if you are an Iron Man/Marvel fan.

Action Movie Greatness

Some brilliant actors - Robert Downey Jr, superb. Ben Kingsley, AWESOME, Guy Pierce, ok, Gweneth Paltrow, improved as the movie progressed (otherwise she was a bit dim).

I loved it. Right level of action. Right level of evil. Right level of "American military is stupid".

See it. Buy the popcorn, the icecream and enjoy the movie.

Ben Kingsley the real star of a very good movie that could have been even better

First, the good news. This is a fine film -funny, exciting, spectacular, with a genuine comic book feel, Ben Kingsley is great as the Mandarin.He steals the picture, and even outshines Downey in their scenes together. Unfortunately, the Mandarin need to be on screen a bit more - maybe Downey was a bit uneasy at being blasted off the screen by KIngsley's performance. In the film's major flaw, too much time is wasted on Happy, and Pepper and Tony's domestic problems which quickly become tiresome, a pallid Mr and Mrs Smith rip-off. Consequently, the first 20 minutes or so is surprisingly leaden, despite the script's clever and witty but overdone repartee. After that the movie is very well paced, with surprises and twists thrown in and Downey doing a good job with sardonic and pitch-perfect delivery of the verbal arsenal his script provides. The action scenes are very well done but not particularly original: there's a bit too much Transformer style gimmickry and a surprising reliance on Terminator-like scenes especially the finale.