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Oscar-nominated documentarian Brett Morgen (On The Ropes) chronicles primatologist Jane Goodall's early career through reconstituted National Geographic footage, with a score by Philip Glass.

"In new interviews, Goodall looks back to the era when she was breaking ground as the first person to study chimpanzees so closely. The footage records her interactions with primates who became as close to her as humans, including the high-ranking mother chimp called Flo. Both the chimpanzees and Goodall underwent relationship trials and tribulations that she frankly recounts. As a female scientist without previous formal training, she was breaking boundaries and defying expectations. This emotional journey will leave a lasting impression." (Toronto International Film Festival)


Directed by

  • Brett Morgen('Cobain: Montage of Heck', 'Chicago 10', 'On The Ropes')


Written by



Rating: PG


Hollywood Reporter


This is a wondrous and moving account of a remarkable life that puts us right there with Goodall to share directly in her discoveries.

Los Angeles Times


Meeting a chimpanzee's gaze, the pioneering researcher says she encountered "a thinking, reasoning personality." With "Jane," we see what she saw.

New York Times


"Jane" will delight those familiar with Ms. Goodall and provide a vibrant introduction for newcomers.

The Guardian (UK)


A portrait of the primatologist as a young woman.

TimeOut (London)


Perhaps we've all been spoilt by 'Blue Planet', but that original footage doesn't feel strong enough stretched out over 90 minutes.

Total Film (UK)


The life and work of British primatologist Jane Goodall would make a fascinating subject for a documentary even without the reams of previously unseen footage of her interacting with chimps in Tanzania that director Brett Morgen had at his disposal.

Variety (USA)


Goodall remains an unassuming character whose apparent rock-steadiness ... underlines the conviction of her hard-won knowledge.



We disagree on many things, but we can all agree on Jane Goodall.