John Wick

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Don't set him off.

Keanu Reeves and Willem Dafoe lead this assassin action-thriller from long-time stunt co-ordinating greats Chad Stahelski (Reeve's stunt-double for The Matrix) and David Leitch (Brad Pitt's stunt double for Fight Club), making their co-directing debuts. Reeves plays Wick, an ex-hitman forced out of retirement in NYC to track down the gangsters that "took everything from him".

Variety (USA)


A slick and satisfying revenge thriller.

Hollywood Reporter


Expertly [delivers] one action highlight after another in a near-nonstop thrill ride.

Time Out New York


Feels like action manna for its cleanly designed gun-fu sequences... but the revenge plotting is deeply dopey.

New York Times


Harboring few ambitions beyond knock-your-socks-off action sequences, this crafty revenge thriller delivers with style.

Sydney Morning Herald


Keep[s] the action relentless, although it builds to a kind of monotony in the latter stages.

At The Movies (Australia)


There is a doggedness, undercut by tragedy... Really good seeing Keanu Reeves on screen again, he has that thing called charisma.

The Best of Keanu Reeves

This movie was very good. It was action and more action. Very well done. Good Story line.

100 times better than Ronan. - A MUST SEE!!!!


John Wick

In the style of ‘Jack Reacher’ and 'Punisher' with the pace of ‘Faster’ and ‘Ronin’ the action scenes are right up there with ’47 Ronin’ and ‘House of Flying Daggers’. For some reason it reminds me of ‘M.I.’ series yet it’s that lone wolf guy looking for payback. Very obvious and predictable yet ok an easy to watch.

Genre : Action, thriller

4/5 : Mostly for the ‘Ronin’ (1998) style of action