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Shut up. Kick-Ass.

An ultra-violent, foul-mouthed action-comedy (based on the comic book of the same name by Mark Millar), Kick-Ass is about unnoticed high school student, Dave (British newbie Aaron Johnson), who decides to become a real-life superhero after being inspired by his favourite comics.

He encounters a mysterious vigilante called Big-Daddy (Nicolas Cage), and his daughter Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz), who are working to bring down the drug baron, Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong). Director Matthew Vaughn first brought the project to Sony, which distributed his Layer Cake, but the studio balked at the violence. Vaughn refused to tone down it down, however, and so raised the money for the multi-million dollar film himself.


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Action, Comedy


Rating: R18 contains graphic violence, drug use and offensive language


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Superbad meets Spiderman in a unique movie that most definitely lives up to its title.

This action-adventure is set in a universe where everyone loves the famous comic book heroes as much as we do. You could imagine these guys sitting around, discussing how Deadpool could eat Wolverine for breakfast. The fanboy’s dream, of course, is to live out their fantasies as a costumed vigilante, none more so than Dave Lizewski's (Nowhere Boy’s Aaron Johnson).

But one wouldn’t say this is just for geeks. It’s one of the funniest films in a while, packed full of likeable characters (we say ‘likeable’, even though they’d be psychopathic mass murderers from any other angle). Pre-teen Hit-Girl (a brilliant Chloe Moretz) rips someone’s throat out, while the guy sitting behind me exclaims, “She’s so cool!” Oddly, with an R-18 rating it means that the main characters of the movie wouldn’t be able to see it.

The origin section is reasonably predictable but as the story progresses it becomes far more engrossing. Some nifty sequences, including a comic-style retelling of how Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit-Girl came to be, and a strobe-lit shoot-out, are only a small example of how endlessly creative this movie is.

Action-packed, crazily colourful and plenty of fun, Kick-Ass is really so much better than you might expect. A triumphant finale will have you cheering and hoping that a sequel might be on the way.

Dominion Post (Graeme Tuckett)


Startlingly violent, gleefully profane, horribly funny, and occasionally quite brilliant. But the story should have yielded a darker, tougher, and smarter film than this.

Empire (UK)


A ridiculously entertaining, perfectly paced, ultra-violent cinematic rush that kicks the places other movies struggle to reach.

Hollywood Reporter


Its balancing act between innocence and gore perfectly matches the expectations of genre fans, who should embrace the movie.

NZ Herald (Russell Baillie)


Superhero movie reinvented as gory comedy? Works out well.

Total Film (UK)


Hyper-violent, hyper-knowing and just plain hyper, Kick-Ass marks a bold costume-change for the superhero movie but veers clear of pastiche or parody. For best results, view with a large audience. You will cheer. Guaranteed. (Darren Bevan)


What if the superhero in your neck of the woods really was the guy next door? And what if he really didnt have any special powers other than a desire to make a difference and live upto his love of comic books?

Variety (USA)


Equal parts audacious dark comedy, wish-fulfillment fantasy and over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek action-adventure. (Matt Turner)


Brilliantly written and superbly directed, this is terrific fun from start to finish, thanks to colourful, inventive production design, fabulous fight scenes and pitch-perfect performances from Aaron Johnson and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Nick Cage in good film - shock!

I know! Nick Cage? In a good film and he's good too? Wow! Just see it! Hip, witty, fun, violent and superb in every aspect - from script to soundtrack, casting to cinematography - a modern classic. Deserves to be studied in schools. It really is that good. Sort of NATURAL BORN KILLERS for disenchanted teens - and it works for world-weary adults too! Tarantino for teenyboppers! Can't sing its praises loud enough! 5 twinkly stars - ass kicked :)




Maybe it's me...

I found this movie extremely boring EXCEPT for the AWESOME fight scenes. The fight scenes are simply spectacular and worth sitting through the rest of the movie. So I'd give the fight scenes 5 stars, but the rest of the movie 1 star. I averaged it out to 3 stars overall.

Ridiculously entertaining!

Superhero comic book adaptations leave me cold and bored, but this is a perfectly paced, energetic and (crucially) a smart tongue-in-cheek action-adventure. Sin City meets Juno and the result is an irresistibly likable piece of comically ultra-violent entertainment. Nicholas Cage?s impersonation of Adam West is a highlight, but the young Chloe Moretz steals the show. Compulsively watchable

Movie is great, comic is even better

The comic this is based on (Kick-Ass) manages to avoid the stupid cliche ending of the film. It's even darker, sadder and more violent and dysfunctional than the film. Watch it and READ IT. You won't be disappointed.

so you want to play?

really fun and full of surprises





I am one who detested this movie. I walked out after 30 minutes.

I am neither a movie or comic geek.

They wonder about the violence in our society especially among teenage girls .........hell this movie will help.




Hopeless and hapless ...

... is what you get when hopeless Joe Average becomes a hapless costumed hero.

I thoroughly enjoyed this super hero movie that works without super heroes - I'm still laughing about it!

It works because the hero characters are so human and the violence is so inventive. But it is also very corny - a teenage boys' comic book fantasy - so I can see why some people would think it the worst.




Lives up to its title

Love the violence and Humor, this film really does an action comedy like it is supposed to be done, plus having Mclovin in it just makes it even classier

Best film ever! Brilliant!!

I would rate this as my all time favourite movie... after only seeing it once...It beats out True Romance, numerous other Tarantino flicks, The Princess Bride even...this film Kicks Ass!!

how can people review when they haven't even seen it!!

how can people review when they haven't even seen it!!




Looking forward to seeing this on the big screen - story was written by our wee cousin -Mark Millar - were lucky enough to be in Glasgow for the premiere of his movie 'Wanted' looking forward to seeing Kickass - the trailer looks pretty funny - knowing Mark - it will have loads of humour

By Kathleen