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All he needed was a way out.

An ex-convict (Jack Reynor, Glassland) and his brother are forced on the run by a vengeful criminal (James Franco) in this sci-fi actioner.

A young teen (Miles Truitt, Dragged Across Concrete) discovers an otherworldly weapon, using it to protect his older ex-con brother (Reynor) from the criminals that are hunting him. Unfortunately, the mysterious gun draws the attention of an even more malevolent group.


Directed by

Written by

  • Daniel Casey
  • (based on the short film 'Bag Man' by Jonathan Baker and Josh Baker)

Action, Crime, Science Fiction



FilmInk (Australia)


...a lo-fi character-driven crime drama with just a hint of science fiction...

Hollywood Reporter


Having lit the narrative fuse, the helmers don't always manage to keep it burning, and the intended emotional payoff arrives more as tacked-on explanation than revelatory sock to the solar plexus.

New York Times


In the hands of more playful creators, this adolescent fantasy could have been fun.

Variety (USA)


It's to the credit of the Bakers, screenwriter Daniel Casey, and the solid cast that this character-based core does hold the movie together, mostly sidestepping pat sentimentality and too-easy narrative solutions.

Associated Press


Given the film's title, and that the filmmakers are themselves twins, you would expect the brother relationship at the heart of the movie to be something more than it is.

IGN Movies


All the genre elements play like an afterthought, and that's frustrating because the rest of the movie isn't quite spry enough to stay interesting without action, adventure, or at least little more weirdness.