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Never underestimate a girl with nothing to lose.

Based on the cult anime, this live-action story of revenge follows a girl on a ruthless search for the person who murdered her parents. Aided by her father’s old partner on the police force (Samuel L. Jackson), she tears through the criminal underground of human trafficking in order to reap vengeance.


Directed by

Written by

  • Brian Cox
  • (based on the anime by Yasuomi Umetsu)

Action, Drama

USA, Mexico

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Dissolve (USA)


Although the live-action Kite has been graphically desexualized, the anime's exploitative attitude nevertheless prevails...

Hollywood Reporter


Repackages an assortment of genre tropes into an instantly forgettable Luc Besson-aping slog...

Variety (USA)


At the very least, Kite could have given Jackson some scenery to chew.